This site is dedicated to all of the art, illustration, design and animation created by MaidenArts Studio by artist Diane Worden.

I also offer classes both online and in-person. For more information, head to my Classes page.

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RiverBend Films.

Bits and Bites Candy.

Anime USA Inc.

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I’m currently working on the best format to provide online classes and payments that fits the needs for my students and myself.

Current classes that I would be offering for online courses:

  • Figure Drawing
  • Portraiture (Realism and Caricatures)
  • Copic Markers and supplies

Please check back for more information on my classes and workshops!


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About The Studio

MaidenArts Studio has been the brain-child of Diane Worden for years now. In order to encompass all the various artistic and creative things she likes to do, she created one mother studio to house it all. Currently, is the main lead site for Diane’s artwork and design work.

About the Name

Why MaidenArts, you ask? Well, a long time ago, she used to have an artistic pseudonym of VaetterMaiden. However, VaetterMaiden (being Germanic in nature) was both hard to remember and spell to be a good for a business name. So keeping to the maiden theme, she changed it to MaidenArts Studios over nearly 10 years ago.

Well, what about VaetterMaiden? Well, vaetter means water. So “water” maiden is like water-bearer, which is also representative of the zodiac sign, Aquarius. And Diane’s an Aquarius. It’s pretty self-explanatory once you know that bit. Diane has always been super into space, astronomy and astrology. Because space is cool.

About Diane

Like most artists, she has always been a creative child, but only when she was starting high school, that she decided to get serious and do art for a living. Once in college, she found that her school (George Mason University) didn’t offer a way to “double-concentrate” in the art program. Refusing to be deterred (and just enjoying going to school), she decided to double-concentrate anyway, and took courses that covered both her love for design and her love for animation. She graduated with a focus on the digital arts, but took nearly all the classes required for graphic design.

Now she enjoys helping and working with small business and non-profit clients with their art, design, and animation needs to help them thrive in our, very visual world.

Her favorite color is sea-green. She enjoys rainbows, glitter, taking sky pictures and looking at galaxies. Really anything sparkly is a thumbs-up in her book. And crafting. Like she seriously loves to do tons of crafting.